Laser Toner

A printing technology which uses very fine electro-magnetically charged particles (usually called toner). The particles are dispersed onto the paper and heated to a temperature that causes these particles to become embedded into the paper. This process is called fusing.

Toner use is growing rapidly, and color toner especially. A toner cartridge usually costs around $60 for monochrome (black), and upwards of $100 per color for the color laser toner cartridges (cyan, yellow, magenta, black).

Popular laser toner cartridges include models by manufacturers such as Dell, Lexmark, HP, Samsung and others. Monochrome laser toner is still the most popular, however demand for color laser toner is growing rapidly. Costs for color laser toner printers have been coming down. As of 2008, affordable color laser toner printers cost under $300, for example the Samsung CLP300 color laser toner printer. On the high cost end, multifunction HP Color laser toner printers can cost over $1000.