Cartridge Core

Empty laser toner or inkjet cartridge. At 123 Refills, most cartridge cores are reused in the remanufacturing process. Depending on the cartridge type, 123 Refills either offers a rebate incentive to its customers for the empty core (with purchase of a remanufactured cartridge), or uses the customers cartridge core in order to remanufacture / refill the customers cartridge.

Inkjet cartridge cores can usually be reused / refilled 2-3 times before they wear out enough such that quality and page yield is affected. 123 Refills has the equipment and production capabilities of identifying worn out cartridges before refilling them, and also to test cartridges after being refilled to ensure that they will print to the quality and page yield specifications that 123 Refills is satisfied with.

Toner cartridge cores can be reused more times than inkjets on average, because they are larger cartridges with more components - therefore it is more possible to replace more components and thereby reuse just the cartridge core.